Monday, 15 December 2014

last weekend

Yesterday I went to Times Square for Christmas preparations with my friends (yea,I know I'm going to celebrate christmas here,but no problem if I treat myself well right?) . We came in almost shops but I still can't find something interesting.All shops sell the same dress,same price and .. seriously boring. :/ So I just bought a pair of shoes and light christmas for my room.HAHA ;D
Then,I saw really really nice clothes for men,your favourite one ! I wanna buy for you as a Christmas gift.But I remember we don't talk because He scolded me many times last day:'( so now I'll shut up so you're not mad at me anymore. PROMISE !

Simple Christmas decoration for my room ;D

-the end-

Thursday, 11 December 2014


mixed feeling

I was happy in the morning,I laughed too much,I made silly jokes,I took selfie a lot .. and yeah,everything was fine.What else? Oyeah,my group and I have done our project about documentary of KLIA2 today ;D and at the same time business communication subject for this sem officially end.So we will not have classes for next Thursday morning. Jyeah! But actually I feel quite sad because my group for this subject will rarely meet,unless we have same class for next semester. Sob Sob..


Tuesday, 9 December 2014

2015 please come faster

tik .. tok .. tik .. tok it's last month of the year , DECEMBER ! everyone talk about christmas,caroling,open house,family day,and many more. Maybe christmas this year for me will never be same again,because I'm going to celebrate here KL without my family members :'(
Because I have examination on 31 dec (two killer subjects) and the christmas day will be the study week for me.Gosh,I feel like crying :'( nvm,nvm .. teben,von,effi,utoq,darleen and the sabahan/sarawakin friends tidak balik juga.*trying to comfort myself*

okay,let's talk about new year :') Yup,as my title above I CAN'T WAIT FOR 2015 ! like seriously, this year I've through a lot of shit (ops sorry I mean tests) I cried a lot,life kinda tough lately every second I told myself to keep strong.I know everyone can't skip from tests,but I really really want this year to end quickly even though I'm not longer 20 ! HAHA

So here I listed my goals for 2015 :

1) Climb the Mount Kinabalu ! Dad,mum please I'm a big girl now . (Bring back my previous aim to        2015 huahua)
2) I want a vacation to oversea, (My dad give green light for this already,yeahh)
3) Loss weight ( Stop wish,start doing)
4) Dear hair,please grow fast and be health ! huhu (tahan hati not to cut hair)
5) Stop complain small thingy around me (Be positive)
6) Dean list ! ;p more improve in my CGPA ! (nothing is impossible)

tidak mahu aim banyak nanti tidak dapat capai . hehe so whoever you are please pray for me (pretending like I have a reader)


Friday, 5 December 2014

breaking news

I heard a lot of bad news lately through facebook from my hometown.First,Someone lost her beloved husband and their first child was 3 months old.He was involved in an accident then plunged into the river up to overnight. A worker was aware of the incident in the morning and not anything else that can be done because it is too late.Second,I saw my friend posted that his mother had died of breast cancer and serious brain infection.Third,I saw a lot of people talk about losing someone this week.

I feel sorry for the families left behind, may God give them strength to face all this.