Monday, 15 December 2014

last weekend

Yesterday I went to Times Square for Christmas preparations with my friends (yea,I know I'm going to celebrate christmas here,but no problem if I treat myself well right?) . We came in almost shops but I still can't find something interesting.All shops sell the same dress,same price and .. seriously boring. :/ So I just bought a pair of shoes and light christmas for my room.HAHA ;D
Then,I saw really really nice clothes for men,your favourite one ! I wanna buy for you as a Christmas gift.But I remember we don't talk because He scolded me many times last day:'( so now I'll shut up so you're not mad at me anymore. PROMISE !

Simple Christmas decoration for my room ;D

-the end-

Thursday, 11 December 2014


mixed feeling

I was happy in the morning,I laughed too much,I made silly jokes,I took selfie a lot .. and yeah,everything was fine.What else? Oyeah,my group and I have done our project about documentary of KLIA2 today ;D and at the same time business communication subject for this sem officially end.So we will not have classes for next Thursday morning. Jyeah! But actually I feel quite sad because my group for this subject will rarely meet,unless we have same class for next semester. Sob Sob..


Tuesday, 9 December 2014

2015 please come faster

tik .. tok .. tik .. tok it's last month of the year , DECEMBER ! everyone talk about christmas,caroling,open house,family day,and many more. Maybe christmas this year for me will never be same again,because I'm going to celebrate here KL without my family members :'(
Because I have examination on 31 dec (two killer subjects) and the christmas day will be the study week for me.Gosh,I feel like crying :'( nvm,nvm .. teben,von,effi,utoq,darleen and the sabahan/sarawakin friends tidak balik juga.*trying to comfort myself*

okay,let's talk about new year :') Yup,as my title above I CAN'T WAIT FOR 2015 ! like seriously, this year I've through a lot of shit (ops sorry I mean tests) I cried a lot,life kinda tough lately every second I told myself to keep strong.I know everyone can't skip from tests,but I really really want this year to end quickly even though I'm not longer 20 ! HAHA

So here I listed my goals for 2015 :

1) Climb the Mount Kinabalu ! Dad,mum please I'm a big girl now . (Bring back my previous aim to        2015 huahua)
2) I want a vacation to oversea, (My dad give green light for this already,yeahh)
3) Loss weight ( Stop wish,start doing)
4) Dear hair,please grow fast and be health ! huhu (tahan hati not to cut hair)
5) Stop complain small thingy around me (Be positive)
6) Dean list ! ;p more improve in my CGPA ! (nothing is impossible)

tidak mahu aim banyak nanti tidak dapat capai . hehe so whoever you are please pray for me (pretending like I have a reader)


Friday, 5 December 2014

breaking news

I heard a lot of bad news lately through facebook from my hometown.First,Someone lost her beloved husband and their first child was 3 months old.He was involved in an accident then plunged into the river up to overnight. A worker was aware of the incident in the morning and not anything else that can be done because it is too late.Second,I saw my friend posted that his mother had died of breast cancer and serious brain infection.Third,I saw a lot of people talk about losing someone this week.

I feel sorry for the families left behind, may God give them strength to face all this.

Friday, 28 November 2014

This too will pass..

Saya mesti kuat untuk semua ne..mesti fikir positif,semuanya terjadi memang ada maksud dia bah kan? sometimes saya selalu tertanya tanya kenapa orang selalu dapat benda apa yang dorang mahu?mahu cakap saya kurang usaha tapi I've done my best for everything..teda apa .. maybe not now laa . Tapi nanti..saya selalu pujuk hati saya supaya belajar terima kenyataan untuk semua.Saya tahu Tuhan uji orang dalam banyak perkara... Samada apa yang kau ada semua sekarang atau apa yang kau tiada sekarang tu semua ujian Tuhan bah kan?Yes! saya mesti kasi teguh saya punya kepercayaan.Mungkin ambil masa saya mahu terima semua ne tapi percayala saya bangkit juga nanti.

Hey kamu semua yang memang care pasal saya?saya janji saya okay juga.Bukan sekarang nanti.Terima kasihla semua kamu punya nasihat memang berguna..kamu call2,kamu whatsap.. semua tu cukup buat saya bangun ne."Mel,kau mesti kuat,percaya kau buli tu","kau mesti fikir positif","mel tuhan tidak pernah kasi biar kau sendiri,dia selalu ada sama kau,kau mesti percaya" and "hold this words,time heals everything mel" .. ya ! saya hargai semua tu.Saya tahu perjalanan hidup saya masih panjang,masih banyak ujian lagi ne d depan,Ne semua buat saya kuat ...macam mana pun kau mahu p jauh,whatever you wish for but TUHAN PUNYA RENCANA LEBIH BAIK DIA SUDAH KASI TETAP D MANA KAU BERADA HABIS DIALAH YANG KENAL KAU SEBELUM LAHIR LAGI.ya,saya pegang ne semua ayat ayat.

Hidup tidak semestinya indah..Sometimes you're down,sometimes you're up.Whenever you feel down,this too you will pass and whenever you're happy then be grateful.Tidak semua orang buli ada d tempat kau sekarang,try to faham tempat orang lain.Try to understand and you will hargai semua benda.

To those yang suka judge everything,yang tidak tahu apa terjadi.Thank you a lot,tu pun saya hargai.You have right to judge me,bukan senang mahu tutup mulut orang bah kan?Just go ahead.Because I never expect you will understand.Someday If you ada d tempat sekarang then you know how it feels.

I've through a lot of bad time this year..Semua buat saya kuat.Semua buat saya percaya yang semua yang terjadi ada maksud dia . Everything happen for a good reason...

Hey?Melviana William,this too will pass.

Friday, 14 November 2014

no one deserve to be treated like an option

I feel so useless and yess ... DESPRESSED ! 
uit sepatutnya kan ni benda sudah boleh saya terima tapi saya tidak puas hati betul yang cara kau cakap macam saya tidak pernah buat anything for this relationship..
banyak bah perkara yang saya mahu cakap sama kau,tapi kau tidak pernah bah bagi peluang even dalam phone pun .
Kau bagi chance pun but you never pay attention ...

memang sakit bah kena ignore .. SAKIT
saya tidak pernah pun buat kau macam mana kau buat saya sekarang ..
macam makin lama kau buat begini buat saya benci kau ni sometimes..
kau selalu buat saya rasa NOT GOOD ENOUGH even no matter what I've done to you before this
it just like NOTHING..

It's hard to understanding people ...
It's more difficult to understand you than to answer the financial accounting report..
Sometimes we act like we are friend,sometimes we act like lover and the worst thing is SOMETIMES WE ACT LIKE STRANGER..

You said "ndak ngam timing bah kau call ne..apa yang kau buat ndak ngam timingla,memang tidak pernahlah" 
Hey ? kalau kau ada peluang kan , I mean yang waktu masa sesuai orang mahu bercakap sama kau pernah kah kau terfikir mahu bercakap sama saya ? YES ! memang tidak pernah bah kan ..
kau sendiri mengaku bah .. 
Even dalam satu hari tu saya tidak tahu kau buat apa ne ..
kita selalu jarang ni contact but everytime I wanted to approach you , I skip my ego , I skip everything ..Then you replied me like saya tiada perasaan.

kenapa kau sampai hati ? semua rude words yang kau cakap kan buat saya down bah ..
saya tiada bah kawan mahu luah perasaan saya di sini ..
betul betul bah sandi .. You hurt me more than I deserve .....I just don't understand why I through this alone and wish I have somebody to tell my problem too.