Tuesday, 9 December 2014

2015 please come faster

tik .. tok .. tik .. tok it's last month of the year , DECEMBER ! everyone talk about christmas,caroling,open house,family day,and many more. Maybe christmas this year for me will never be same again,because I'm going to celebrate here KL without my family members :'(
Because I have examination on 31 dec (two killer subjects) and the christmas day will be the study week for me.Gosh,I feel like crying :'( nvm,nvm .. teben,von,effi,utoq,darleen and the sabahan/sarawakin friends tidak balik juga.*trying to comfort myself*

okay,let's talk about new year :') Yup,as my title above I CAN'T WAIT FOR 2015 ! like seriously, this year I've through a lot of shit (ops sorry I mean tests) I cried a lot,life kinda tough lately every second I told myself to keep strong.I know everyone can't skip from tests,but I really really want this year to end quickly even though I'm not longer 20 ! HAHA

So here I listed my goals for 2015 :

1) Climb the Mount Kinabalu ! Dad,mum please I'm a big girl now . (Bring back my previous aim to        2015 huahua)
2) I want a vacation to oversea, (My dad give green light for this already,yeahh)
3) Loss weight ( Stop wish,start doing)
4) Dear hair,please grow fast and be health ! huhu (tahan hati not to cut hair)
5) Stop complain small thingy around me (Be positive)
6) Dean list ! ;p more improve in my CGPA ! (nothing is impossible)

tidak mahu aim banyak nanti tidak dapat capai . hehe so whoever you are please pray for me (pretending like I have a reader)


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